Spotlight Salon: Marianne Faithfull, Anna Calvi & Samantha Morton

Last night, AnOther held the first Spotlight Salon at the  Chiltern Firehouse, with three incredible women, Marianne FaithfullAnna Calvi and Samantha Morton. The evening marked the start of an ongoing series of intimate, female-led salons and special video commissions, in partnership with Absolut Elyx  and André Balazs’ beautiful properties across the world.

With a career spanning five decades, Marianne Faithfull will release her new album, Give My Love to London, which was was played for the first time last night to guests at the Spotlight Salon. The publication of a glorious coffee table book published by Rizzoli will follow in November, as well as a world tour.

The album features collaborations with artists including Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Anna Calvi who co-wrote the track Falling Back with Faithfull. Acclaimed filmmaker Samantha Morton will work with Martina Hoogland Ivanow for the music video of Falling Back which will be premiered on in August.

Anna Calvi on collaborating with Marianne Faithfull: "I was really impressed with Marianne’s instincts. And that’s something you can’t teach – you either have it or you don’t. One has to know where a song should go and how to develop a story, and for the two artists to have unity. I never thought I could share the songwriting process because I’m such a private writer. It’s very intimate. I close the curtains, I lock the door. The thought of anyone hearing me terrifies me which I know sounds strange because I sing in front of people every night. To share that moment with someone is very special. To work with Marianne in her apartment in Paris, in bright sunlight, was really amazing. I remember her speaking the lyrics of her songs and I listened to her voice thinking, ‘God, she could make a shopping list sound incredible.’ Her voice has so much depth."