Anonymous asked:

Your way with words is so seductive! Come on you french esthete, to hell your statement, please write more!

Oddly, your compliment sounds slightly brutal to me. But I thank you. And yes, I will. As long as you give me food for my mind to think. 

Anonymous asked:

Bonjour Adelaide. It is such a great space you've created here. Anna is a very lucky artist to have admirers like you. I was simply wondering: when you saw Anna performing, what was the sexiest moment for you?

Je te remercie. 

Here is my answer - at 2.23:

This move is even sexier to me as it is totally unnecessary to her guitar playing. I’m guessing she’s only doing it for the feeling of it. Like she’s dangerous. And this, to me, makes her quite a foxy lady

I do have this general feeling that during this tour she was feeling herself around, opening doors, exploring, widening and working the frame of her freedom as a performer. Interactions with the audience, collusion with her band. She seems to have accessed new tools to share her inside world, to make it come out of her body and print it on her face and gaze. A whole other way of finding herself in the immediate present. 

If she was an orchestra, she would be less about the symphony but more about taking the time to give each instrument their fullest sound